Words of Wisdom Through the Golden Nugget

Words of Wisdom Through the Golden Nugget

Life is a journey that takes us through winding paths to discover many lessons. Imagine that the lessons are like prizes in the form of golden nuggets through words of wisdom at a crossroads on our path.

Sometimes we end up in certain situations that create negativity or heaviness which prevent us from seeing the golden nugget of wisdom hanging right above our heads. Maybe the key is just as simple as taking a moment to grab the nugget and see what the lesson is.

Examining this wisdom contained within it might give us that “AHA” moment that gives us a burst of energy and upliftment and a sudden realization of why this path was necessary to embark on.

En  Español: Sabiduria Por El Medio de La Perla

Looking back at my life, I may have lingered too long in some heavy and confused places. Life has taught me to take the time to open up to the words of wisdom that await so near. I find it gives me a clearer direction much quicker with purpose and renewed energy.

Now, I am not always sure if that AHA is wisdom or not. It is simply a good feeling that gives me an internal green light to move ahead in a certain direction. Or sometimes, out of the blue, I will get a symbol or a sign. I will never know what is the “perfect” answer. Wisdom in my opinion is humbly learning our lessons, embracing them and making a change for the better.

As an example, let’s say that someone betrayed your trust. And you go on and on with all kinds of negative thoughts in your mind wondering why you were so trusting to that person or so naive. (Yes I have done this myself many times). And you drive yourself to a maddening frenzy until it completely depletes you and even those around you.

My suggestion is to not linger in it for too long and ask the following to yourself:

“What is this experience teaching me and is this experience a catalyst that will take me to a better direction. And if so, where?”

And then give yourself time in a quiet space for at least an hour or even better, a whole day if possible, and simply listen to the answer – No TV, cell phone, internet, texting, Facebook, music. Just silence. And the hardest part is to trust that the AHA moment will come. After all, it was a betrayal of trust. So how can we trust for the answer from some unknown and intangible source?

The best way I have been able to do this is to wish the other person well and detach myself emotionally from the situation. I am not detaching from my own feelings. Just taking an observant posture so I can look at the bigger picture — my lesson, my nuggets, my words of wisdom. This way, I am combining the heart by quietly processing it and feeling it out on my own and using the mind to analyze the situation. And I am actually giving myself the gift of time to grab a piece of the golden nugget in this temporary jagged path I am temporarily entangled in. Hopefully later, I can pay forward the lesson to a friend in need or even the perpetrator of this betrayal of trust if that opportunity opens.

Yes, it hurts and it is not easy. It might take a while and several tries. But keep at it. It’s better than lingering too long in the heaviness. It is not really our job to teach the other person a lesson. They may not even think there is lesson to be learned. So why waste our time trying to change another person? We can only seek to find our own lessons.  It’s  simply a more gentle way to bring more peace. And by  making a change, we might be breaking an old dysfunctional reactive pattern and helping the other person indirectly to break it as well.

So, how do you process your feelings of betrayal of trust from another person? I am not certain this is the best or right way. It is just my perspective as I try to age more gracefully;)



  • http://twitter.com/Laurita86 Laura Tellado

    ¡Ay Dios mío, Blanquita! Did you write this for ME? You might as well have. *SIGH* This is the story of my life lately. Although I’ll admit I suck at meditation because I’m afraid to be alone with my thoughts, I’ve grown more and more reflective lately, dwelling on past betrayals and asking myself over and over how best to move past them.

    This IS the story of my life right now. Gracias, amiga. <3

    • http://www.micaminar.com/en blancastella

      Hi Laurita, betrayals come in many different forms, some lighter than others and it is a part of life for almost anyone. But I can guarantee you, they are there for a lesson. The more we learn how to deal with them peacefully instead of harboring bad feelings inside ourselves, the easier it is to not get so entangled in the next one. Glad my words helped. Love you too..como siempre.

  • Presley’s Pantry

    I always take a step back talk about it out loud to myself sometimes. Or just not say a word about it till I have thought out every angle. I am extremely keen with my feelings, and when something doesn’t sit right with me I dig to the root of what exactly is bothering me. If it’s something that I could deal with right away, then I will nip it in the bud. If it’s out of my control then I let it go. Either way, I lick my wounds and get up again. :)

    • http://www.micaminar.com/en blancastella

      Yes, we have to keep on moving on. So many things in life are not worth being dragged down by. Thanks for sharing:)

  • http://twitter.com/LatinMami Monica Olivera

    You know, I have finally learned that even when things seem horrible, they are usually the precursor to change and something better. Everything happens for a reason. It helps us grow and sometimes we may not understand how until much later when we look back and see what came afterward. Love this post, Blanca!

    • http://www.micaminar.com/en blancastella

      Thanks Monica..hindsight is good to have, but when you are in it before the hindsight, it can be haywire…I’m hoping the hindsight comes quicker now;)

  • http://twitter.com/Eva_Smith Eva Smith™

    Beautiful post Blanca! I love the way you help us visualize these situations. I’ve had many situations in my life and I’ve learned over the years to just take a step back and distance myself from the person and the situation. My health and happiness is what matters most.

    • http://www.micaminar.com/en blancastella

      Thanks Eva and I may add that distancing has a double edged sword, as I have experienced in some situations with family/and or “friends”, but may be necessary for this growth on both parts.

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