The Sun’s Rays are like a Butterfly’s Wings

The Sun’s Rays are like a Butterfly’s Wings

The Sunrise as it wakes up to another glorious day


Celebrating my birthday weekend. It’s Tomor row but why not celebrate for 2 days ☺

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I went to watch the sunrise and sunset on my birthday last month. Watching sunrises are like moments of celebration. You bask in the beauty of greeting the day. The sun does this every day consistently just like we do upon waking up and opening our eyes. It doesn’t do this out of habit just to do something insignificant. The sun does it by peaking out of the horizon and provides an important element necessary for our lives- sunlight. We also have our own inner sunlight- our spirits or souls, which impulse us to create and do things that move us for different purposes like work, hobbies or simply for inspiration.

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I started going to the beach often to watch sunrises when I was in an economic down period of my life and in the midst of restructuring a new career. That difficult time stirred me to write more. There’s something about the sound of the ocean, while the grainy sand wraps around your feet, the sun’s rays glistens on your skin while a gentle breeze cools it that brings out the muses. And then when you jump into the salty water and immerse yourself underneath, the silence transports you to another world. The combination of elements touching all your senses makes you feel more alive.

The Sun’s rays start spreading out.

And isn’t it when we are more in touch with our senses that we can give ourselves some insight of our own inner sunshine waiting to come out with a burst of inspiration to do something new? For me, it was blogging which led to so many other things. But then my life got so busy with “doing” a myriad of activities that I was starting to drown in so many lists. Don’t get me wrong, it has been an exciting journey.

Sunset over Biscayne Bay in Miami

For the past seven years I have been experiencing a wonderful phase of expansion focusing on my career. Certain personal creative projects took to the wayside like this blog because I needed to focus all my energy to put bread to the table as the main breadwinner of my household. And I prevailed. I am truly grateful for my current work at IBM. You can read about it in a post I did here.

I love how the Sunset surprises with different colors all the time

It has been one amazing year absorbing all the new knowledge at IBM. I still continued to go to a lot of events. But it got to a point that it was too much. Too many activities no longer gave me time or the cocooning state of the butterfly, the state where it is more quiet. So in the last couple of months, I set out to find more of that and let go of going to certain events. Finally achieving a structure after creative seven year chaos, in a good way, I am now in another semi-cocooning mode which I am hoping gives me the writing mojo again.

As I watched the sunrise, I thought to myself, ” Now wouldn’t it be magical if a butterfly flittered across the view?” Oh wait.. the magic did happen that moment. The Sun spread its rays across the planet just like a butterfly spread its wings. It rose up in its majesty and moved across the horizon and then overhead, only to cocoon into the sunset 12 -14 hours later. And what makes the sun even more amazing is that while it is sleeping in my time zone, somewhere across another continent, its rays are lighting up many others across the globe. Now that’s true magic ;)