Taking a big step forward

Taking a big step forward

Today, I am taking a big step. I am resigning from my job at IBM. I have been torn since January because family is very important to me. So while I said yes to going to Austin, a series of events this past week with my parents led me to make the definitive decision to not leave Miami.

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Today I take a new step forward.

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My mother was very sad when I told her that I was moving to Austin. But she also knew that whatever opportunity in my career was more important, I should take it. So I planned on going with some hesitation since I would be going completely alone. But since I like to look at the bright side of everything, I started planning with an optimistic approach.

Last month, my landlord sold the townhouse I was living in and I suddenly had to vacate. I started looking for temporary houses on AirBnb that would accept my two chihuahuas. It was stressful since I would have had to move two times since the mandate from IBM was that I move by the end of September.

My parents offered that I could stay in their condo with my doggies. Everything got packed in storage except for what I needed for a few months. I headed over to Key Biscayne. Lucky me..right on the beach!

Within two weeks of my moving in to the condo, it sold. (It had been on the market for a while.) Now we have to start the not so fun part of packing. Staying with my parents these past three weeks has made me think a lot more. It put front and center the reality of aging parents. While I am lucky to have siblings in the same city, I thought of all the family events I would miss out if I moved to Austin.

And regarding my work, I figured, I have the skills and they are in demand. So why not stay in Sunny Miami with access to the beach. Austin would have been fun. It’s a great city. But it wasn’t for me in this moment.

So today I am taking a big step in my path- helping my parents in this difficult transition. It is not easy moving parents in their 80’s!

But, I am ready for what comes my way in surrender to what is best for me. I am in trust.