David Chitel

Latinos In The Forefront ~ Interview With David Chitel

David Chitel, Founder NGLC

Latinos are getting great attention through the vision of David Chitel, founder of New Generation Latino Consortium. I recently interviewed David who also is Co-founder with John Leguizamo on Urbano TV. They are having a New Generation Latino Marketing and Entertainment Conference at the Harvard Club in New York on April 11th. The panel speakers are top of the line, including our very own Ana Flores, of Latina Bloggers Connect.

Note: If you want to hear the full 30 minute interview, click on the arrow above , right above the Facebook Like button and below the title of the post.

Version En Español

MC: Could you describe what a New Generation Latino is?

DC: There are so many different ways which the audience can be defined and therefore can get confusing to people and subsequently, for people to put together marketing programs that are geared towards them. In general, our demographic is anywhere from 14-34 years old from a media perspective and people who were born here in the US, or grew up here and have lived here for at least 15 years and are foreign born.

There are many commonalities and for the media perspective it is important to focus on those so people can assign budgets. That is what my organization is about, to bring clarity to that and help to make them actionable because it is too big of a segment of the market that gets so easily lost in the dust because it is not so easily defined just by status. It is more about culture and lifestyle. (more…)

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