Peace of Mind ~ My New Years Resolution For 2013

Peace of Mind ~ My New Years Resolution For 2013

Its finally quiet.. I got some peace of mind! For the past three hours workers were pressure cleaning the house next door. That loud motor rumbling after a while started getting to me. “When is it going to be over?” I thought as I peeked outside and watched the workers spray with their loud equipment. I really couldn’t get annoyed because the workers had borrowed my water supply to connect the pressure cleaner for the empty house and gave me $20. But the sound was getting to me after a while.

Last night I decided to go over some of my handwritten writings from eight years ago, when my life was not as hectic, a time when I would spend much quiet time writing and had plenty of peace of mind. At that time, it had been only 2 years since my car accident that almost killed me. You can read about it more on my Blanca’s story page. Two weeks ago I celebrated 10 years of my life renewal from that accident, which I have always seen as a blessing.

En Español: Paz y Tranquilidad

I was trying to get back into my work as a realtor in Miami, but little did I know that four years later, I would have to reinvent my life during the worst financial crisis in history. Now just because I say I had peace of mind doesn’t mean that I didn’t have stress. It is just that my mind was not so much in the way.

When I started Mi Caminar in 2009, I wanted to continue writing and share some of my writings from 2002-2009, but was not able to as I would have liked because of my focus on my career. I was able to express some parts as best I could amidst dealing with finding work, creating a new business and always being challenged with different situations. But aren’t we all?

At least with my work, I am very happy now. I got VizRED my digital agency underway this year. I have a business partner, Lee Hodson who is an amazing techie and web developer. It is a small start up, but we did some interesting projects this year. I also have been working as a community manager at Socl, a research project that is part of Microsoft’s FUSE Labs for the past six months. It is a contract job, not as a an employee. But hey, I would have never imagined working at one of the top brands in the world even a year ago. I feel so lucky and I really love doing this work.

So today, while listening to the noise of the pressure cleaner, I thought of it as a parallel of my busy life in these couple of years. So many thoughts in my head which lead to a lot of mental noise! I know it was necessary to get my new career in order. But I so craved this year for it to settle down. It still is hectic. My life is never dull and boring. But I have made an intention since the middle of this year to make things simpler. And that intention has intensified more so for 2013, so I can have more quiet time during my free time to share what I originally intended to share in 2009.

I hope so..and am putting it out there to make it stick. My New Years Resolution is is to turn down the motor of my mind and allow my spirit to flow so I can write more here. After all, how can I be inspired if my mind is in full swing and constant activity! It is good to be focused. But I believe there is a way without as much stress. So stay tuned for going back to more of my peace of mind.I have been there before many times. And if I can do it, you can too. So let’s journey together in 2013 to seek this. Sounds good?

I wish all of you a very Happy New Year full of joy and peace. And may 2013 be the best ever! What is your New Years Resolution? Share it here!