Happy Birthday Mi Caminar

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A year ago, I launched this blog. I started it because my heart was calling me to write in Spanish to connect with my Colombian roots even though I grew up in Miami and speak English 80% of the time. Two of the people that inspired me to start this blog were two people I love dearly, my mother and my cousin, Clemencia.

My first blog post was Feliz Cumpleaños Mama. I have learned in my walk in life to follow my heart 100% and I am happy that coincidently I launched the blog on September 8th, my mom’s birthday and which was a total coincidence. In this past year, I have had the opportunity to connect deeper with my mother, not only as a daughter, but as a friend. (more…)

Our Lady Of Charity Brings Us Peace

Our Lady of Charity at Ermita De La Caridad Church in Miami, FL

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Happy Birthday Virgin Mary.
Happy one year anniversary, Mi Caminar.
Happy Feast Day to all the Cubans for the celebration of the Our Lady of Charity and to the Venezuelan community who also celebrate today the Virgin of Coromoto. And finally, Happy Birthday to those that have been born on this beautiful day, September 8th.

All these celebrations are one more reason to have Maria always near us.

For the Cubans who live outside or that reside there, She has been their confort and hope that one day their country may soon be free. Their journey has been very painful by not being able to see parents, sons and daughters, sisters and brothers in this oppressed country for so many years. But the Cuban people are a culture of great tenacity, full of faith, hope and love for their Virgin of Charity. The same could possibly happen to the the Venezuelans. (more…)

Happy 1 Year Anniversary Laurita!

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I was fortunate to meet a very inspirational young woman at Blogher. Laurita Tellado has a blog called Holdin Out For A Hero. Her mission is to bring awareness to those that have Spina Bifida. We connected right away and took the opportunity to video her to help support her cause.

I have been so busy since I came back from Blogher and finally got to my video clips this weekend. Luckily, I was able to listen to her again and realized that the one year anniversary of her blog is today! So I am happy to share this because Laurita inspired me so much. Her smile and energy is contagious.

When I was a freshman in high school, I met Beki, who was to become my best friend for life. At 12 years old, she was wearing a body brace due to severe scoliosis. She had to wear that bulky body brace 24/7. After 3 years of knowing her, she came up to me at school one day with a big smile asking me if I noticed anything different. I looked and looked without “seeing” any change. Finally, after a couple of minutes, she burst out that she no longer had the brace. It was so strange. I never paid attention to the body brace. She was just Beki, my fun loving silly friend. (more…)

Feel Blog Connect

I am writing this post in English after being inspired by hearing Silvia, from Mama Latina Tips, speak at the Latina Panel at Blogher. I will attempt to make this a bilingual blog. After all, yo soy una Spanglish woman;)

Spanish Version

When I am with a group of people, I love to talk alot. Yes I am a chatterbox! A few days before I went to Blogher, I wrote this post Escuchar En El Silencio. My blog is about finding deeper meaning in life. So after a whirlwind of activity, fun, laughter and smiles, attempting to explain my experience at Blogher, I find myself without words. Here is a great recap in pictures & video on the Latism.org website.

To be able to do so, I would like to share some thoughts about one of my favorite pastimes, observing my butterfly garden. A few days before Blogher, I found a zebra butterfly still sleeping around 9am, hanging upside down and blissfully peaceful on the edge of a vine. It was unusual because normally at that time, they are already flittering about in frenzied movement and when sleeping, they normally camouflage under more foliage for protection. (more…)

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