The Sun’s Rays are like a Butterfly’s Wings


The Sunrise as it wakes up to another glorious day


Celebrating my birthday weekend. It’s Tomor row but why not celebrate for 2 days ☺

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I went to watch the sunrise and sunset on my birthday last month. Watching sunrises are like moments of celebration. You bask in the beauty of greeting the day. The sun does this every day consistently just like we do upon waking up and opening our eyes. It doesn’t do this out of habit just to do something insignificant. The sun does it by peaking out of the horizon and provides an important element necessary for our lives- sunlight. We also have our own inner sunlight- our spirits or souls, which impulse us to create and do things that move us for different purposes like work, hobbies or simply for inspiration.

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Blessed with love in new milestones

One of the biggest milestones in my life was December, 2015 when my son graduated from college with a degree in Business Administration, majoring in Marketing and International Business. The day of his graduation, I was flooded with all kinds of emotions that I still haven’t been able to process.

It was a mixed bag of emotions because just a few months before, I experienced a huge career milestone by getting a job with IBM as a Social Business Manager. I had worked with Microsoft for two and a half years before that as a Community Manager for one of their projects at Microsoft Research. It was creative and fun, but it was a contract through an agency and it ended the beginning of 2015. Right after that, I wondered if I should continue working with the digital agency I had co-founded with a web developer, VizRED in 2009 or go for the corporate job. (more…)

Tips To Clear the Clutter Of The Mind And Find The Inner Voice


I took some quiet time to meditate in my patio today as part of doing different things to get in the habit of meditating more. It was a beautiful sunny day and since I didn’t have time to go all the way to the beach, my little patio which doesn’t get much use, was a great alternative. The wind was rustling in the leaves of the trees nearby and it felt very peaceful. I also bought a butterfly plant and plan on buying some more so I can spend more time outside writing in nature and observing the process of the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. U used to do that alot!

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To be able to get in a good flow of words, writing requires silence especially, in my case, where I want to share more thoughts from the heart. It’s that nudging inner voice that calls me. Since I was lucky to be able to dedicate alot of time in the past to quiet meditation and silence, I crave it more than chocolate and my favorite sushi meal. It gave me an experience of love as close to loving my own child.


#SinTraduccion Was The Culprit For 3308 At Hispanicize

Sin-Tradduccion00034Last week, I was recovering from Hispanicize. Yes recovering, because this was a packed five day event that included alot of entertainment, learning and connections. I totally immersed myself in the Hispanicize experience this year and boy was it FUN! I have in the past years events, but for some reason, I went full throttle this year.


I have so many pictures and video to share from Don Francisco, William Levy, Luis Fonsi, Gente de Zona, actor Luis Guzman, Chino y Nacho, Maria Elena Salinas and many more. But it will require several blog posts.

Selfie time with the selfie stick!


In this post, I just want to share a super fun night at the #SinTraduccion opening reception party sponsored by Target. You know Latino’s like to dance and party so here is a little video from that night. When everything was closing up, Katherine Johnson invited everyone who was there at the end to Suite 3308. That is what happens when you let loose and party the night away… Moet gets popped and the fun continues. So if you heard any rumors about 3308 at Hispanicize here is a sneak peek. The rest…well it stays there in 3308 ;) (more…)

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