Inspired By My Son ~ An Interview With Ana Flores And #InspireCare

Inspired By My Son ~ An Interview With Ana Flores And #InspireCare

I was so happy doing this interview with Ana Flores on behalf of Johnson and Johnson’s Inspire Care theme. I love how supportive Johnson and Johnson has been in all these years and being continually present in all our conferences and evolution in our growth in this blogging space. This was taken at Latism conference in September. You can see all the Tweets on the #InspireCare hashtag.

My biggest pride and joy this year has been being inspired by my son. He is in College and in the Leadership Program at FIU. Not only that, he is on the lead team of the leadership program and has spoken in front of hundreds of new students welcoming them to FIU.

Articulo en Inglés: Inspirada Por Mi Hijo

I almost got teary eyed sharing what a huge heart opening year it has been for me to see him expand and grow this year. All these extra curricular activities have caused him to want to set goals, plan for his future and be motivated to achieve so many things. He is not sure exactly what he wants to do, but I see that a fire and passion has been ignited within him. He does know he wants to be an entrepreneur and own a business. His major is in the school of business with a major in Marketing.

Ultimately that is what is necessary to achieve success. You have to have something in your heart that propels you to move forward. This is exactly what happened to me when I first started blogging. It started with my little butterfly garden and expanded to so many things, including my recent contract with Microsoft as a community manager. Little did I know five years ago where all this blogging would lead me. And the sky is the limit still. The good thing is that I have loved this niche, inspiring and motivating others. And now to see my son be interested in this field is beyond amazing to me and he is only 20!

I also shared how I am proud to say my age. My friend, Lorraine Ladish, editor of Mamiverse, recently turned 50 and we have both spoken about how important it is to embrace who you are at whatever age. I do exercise and eat healthy and constantly need to maintain it especially as I get older. I also meditate often to slow down my busy brain. I will share more about how I do this in future blog posts.

How do you stay inspired? Share your voice in the comments below.