Inspiration With Ricardo Timmermann of Mi

Inspiration With Ricardo Timmermann of Mi

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The day before Blogalicious weekend, I was invited by Ana Lilian Flores of Spanglish Baby to go to a party that VME hosted for the AHHA (Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies) conference held in Miami.

I was introduced to Ricardo Timmermann who is a host for one of VME’s shows, Mi Mascota. Before the interview, I shared my passion of watching the process of a caterpillar transforming to a cacoon and then to a butterfly, which to me is beyond inspiration. Watching these creatures transform has been one of my passions and to this day, a mystery of life that I constantly am enthralled with.

So when I got the chance to interview Ricardo on my new project of “What Inspires You”, we started off with the topic of transformation and the butterflies. Now this was the first perfect person to interview, not because he is gorgeous beyond belief,(He reminds me of a young Christopher Reeve of the movie Superman), but because he is a talented Zoo Technician with a professional degree in Vetinerary Medicine. You can check his amazing bio at Besides that, his energy was so luminous, I couldn’t help but smile in his presence.

There was loud music background because of the party, so I hope you can understand what he says. He shares how he too is inspired by the process of a butterfly’s transformation. He says that the metamorphosis is magical & transcendent even though he has a scientific mind. For inspiration, he loves to take a walk on the beach or see a sunrise. Thank you Ricardo for inspiring Me!

You can follow him on Twitter or his Facebook fan page .

Here are some pictures of the VME party which I was so happy to have had a great time with some of the Latina Bloggers as well. Click on the pictures if it doesn’t go into automatic slideshow.
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Ricardo Timmermann & Myself at The VME Party, Miami October 2010