Inspiration With Maura & A Community

Inspiration With Maura & A Community

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It’s kind of funny that I am posting Maura’s video today on what inspires her with cooking clips on Thanksgiving..since today is all about eating! This was from Blogalicious in October when she did her first live cooking demonstration sponsored by Kenmore. After she describes what inspires her, some behind the scenes clips share the core of what this is all about – community.

Although she was a bit nervous, ( I would be too!), the support was right there a couple of feet away from her. As I observed this, I got a great fuzzy feeling in my heart. That community of friends, most of whom have met mainly on Twitter, were right there intently watching and supporting her. Once she got going doing what she loves to do, cooking, it totally flowed.

Afterwards, I spoke to her and said that I truly felt the organic love from las hermanas, or the sisterhood as she so aptly described it and she confirmed the same feeling. This is what I have experienced this year… connected with new inspiring people who are out there sharing what they love to do on their blogs or simply saying a simple hello on Twitter.

Yesterday, I started reading Neale Donald Walsch’s new book titled, When Everything Changes, Change Everything. He states that when people are going through major life changes, there are nine keys for change. The first one is to not go it alone. He emphasizes how important it is to connect with people because the most common symptom is to hide and retreat during these times.

I laughed and smiled because when I was going through my worst times last year, anxious about looking for a steady job, I started this blog and connected with a great group of people not only with the online Latism community, but also in my own Social Media Community in Miami. (I also tweet @miamishines). So I kind of did the opposite, I pushed myself to get out and connect with many. It changed my life…and for this I am very grateful today. Happy Thanksgiving and may your day be filled with appreciation for the intangible things that really count.

P.S. At the live cooking demonstration, Maura was cooking her special albondiga (meatball) recipi. It was so delish especially with that spicy tang to it. You can visit her blog at The Other Side of The Tortilla and get mouth watering authentic Mexican recipis….filled with mucho amor.

Thank you Maura for inspiring ME!

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The Latina Bloggers At Blogalicious, October 2010