I’m Going to The White House With Top Latina Bloggers ~ Humbled!

This week I wanted to write a post for Mother’s Day, but I was tired and took the weekend to relax offline. After all, this blog name, Mi Caminar, came from mom when I asked her for an idea of a name. So besides birthing me, my mom also has a bit of the birthing of Mi Caminar. Blogging is like birthing a new baby. For me it was birthing a new life. My mom also shares the same name as me, Blanca.

I wrote this paragraph in my Blanca’s story page.

Because I have lived so many life challenges, my intention with this site is motivate & inspire by taking action from the heart, and to look at all the blessings that exist in the middle of chaos and keep on moving on! My strength now comes from my heart and the dreams that I hold in this now strengthened heart. I don’t let logic control me 100%. I try to keep it 50:50

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…or as Buddha would say…in balance. I already know that sometimes illogical things happen out of the blue when you least expect it.

En Español: Blanca Va A La Casablanca

I have strived to maintain this balance in the past 10 years even though lately there is so much going on with networking, events,being a Co-Director of Latism South Florida and getting my new digital agency off the ground. It’s actually pretty exciting. But nothing is as exciting as this special honor I won to attend the Latina Bloguera Retreat in Washington which includes a briefing to the White House to discuss top Latino issues and get mentored by top Corporate Latina Executives. I am beyond thrilled! It is one of those moments of illogical things happening when you least expect it. And hopefully, we can meet Michelle Obama!

I want to thank Latism for being such a huge inspiration and BIG part of the growth in my journey of blogging, my little mi caminar (my walk). Last year winning an award for Best Inspirational Blogger was a huge highlight and now this…. Wow! I am beyond humbled beyond belief. I never expected it. You rock Latism!!!! Gracias! Gracias! Gracias!!!

I told my mom if I could take a guest, it would be her. She is one of my biggest inspirations of my life and the one that has given me the most faith and strength in my most difficult years. So this honor to go to Washington should go to her because she is my pillar. Gracias Mom. I love you more than I could ever express! And for my Dad who worried about me blogging away at night not understanding what I was doing with Mi Caminar, thank you for looking out for me;) and love you very much.

So Blanca is off to the Casablanca!!! Yippee!!! Can’t wait!! If you are on Twitter, you can follow #topbloguera and of course #latism



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