Ignite Miami: Become A Butterfly ~ Transform Your Life

Ignite Miami: Become A Butterfly ~ Transform Your Life

The Butterfly Process ~ Transform Your Life

Here is the video presentation at Ignite which my son recorded. I was a happy mom to have my son see me speaking:):

Last night I was honored to be one of the presenters Ignite Miami . It is a five minute presentation with 20 slides rotating every 15 seconds. My topic was ” How To Get Uncomfortable and Out of Your Comfort Zone To Transform Your Life”.
I did this by observing my butterfly garden four years ago when I was going through major stress as a realtor in Miami. Being able to witness the magic of butterflies and focusing on the beauty of how they transform was my de-stress while all my real estate deals fell apart.

The energy was buzzing with over 250 people at The Stage in Midtown Miami, while I was with real butterflies in my stomach wondering how I was going to wing this presentation in front of all these people. I took the advice of my dear friend, Maria de los Angeles, aka @vicequeenmaria and remembered her words: “Just tell your story..you know it.”

That is exactly what I did when I started Mi Caminar in 2009: I allowed the butterflies to create a new story for my life while my old life crumbled in front of me. I posted videos about about my butterfly garden. Remember the saying, “What you focus on expands.” It is so true! Just the first month in September, I did about four posts about butterflies. Also in 2008, I started a catharsis blog when I had surgery on my ankle while trying to deal with the chaos of life as a realtor during the financial meltdown.


More information about Ignite: Ignite Show National and Facebook page for Ignite Miami . Maybe you can get motivated to start one in your own city!