Heart to Heart at We All Grow Summit

Heart to Heart at We All Grow Summit

Today is Sunday morning 7:53 AM, March 1st, which happens to be my son’s birthday. 22 years ago, I had the most blessed moment in my life, giving birth to a son that has given me joy, laughter, love and the experience of being a loving mother. My life as a mother is fulfilled because, knock on wood, we have a very harmonious relationship.

I am sitting in the bathroom of the Line Hotel in Los Angeles so I don’t wake up my roommate and want to capture the feeling now before I get busy next week. I am headed home today after a three day We All Grow Summit by Latina Bloggers Connect. This conference has given me those same feelings I have as a mom- joy, laughter, love and the experience of being in a loving community of powerful women with true heart to heart moments. My professional life in the digital media space is fulfilled because I am luckily connected with this group that has real soul that gives me inspiration to wake up every day and do my work.

Articulo en Español: Corazón a Corazón en We All Grow

Priceless moments like this, Claudya Martinez & Jeannette Kaplun hugging after the storytelling session is what it is all about!

Life has purpose when you have experiences that stir your heart. At the end of the day, when we leave this world, that is what we will hold close to us – those meaningful experiences. For those of you that have know me personally, I started this blog in 2009 and with luck, I connected with a group of Latina women online that were starting out just like me in digital media. It was a new exciting frontier.

I was blogging for over a year without knowing who was reading my posts. I kept going because something was stirring my heart. And then I started going to blogging conferences in 2010 and met many Latina bloggers in real life, sharing stories, dreams, ideas, collaborations, frustrations, joys, sadness, silliness and fun. Because of my blog, I was able to do freelance work for clients in social media and other skills I had learned in SEO, website development and content marketing.

Because I was so busy in my work, my little blog has not grown as much. I probably would have given it up had it not been for the friendships I developed with many of the women who attended We All Grow. My dream to share more of my voice has not lost it’s fizz because I kept the conversations on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. I am not worried about whether my blog is big or small at the moment.

At Our Los Angeles City Tour thanks to the Los Angeles Tourism Convention Board

Check out our hashtag #LaStory of all the fun things we saw.

I enjoy seeing the successes of many with their blogs because it inspires me to do more. I learn so much even though I have been to many conferences. What gives me joy is that my heart is filled when I am around so many powerful women that support each other. There is NO other group online that I have encountered that has this kind of heart.

Connecting with friends and meeting new ones!

It gives me that openness of heart to keep dreaming and growing, even if it is in my turtle pace. When I am surrounded by love, my heart sings and it dares me to do more. It is a different feeling that the love I experience as a mother to my son. But it is still love, nonetheless. My feeling nature needs to be surrounded by this so I can continue in this journey of life. I am lucky to say that I am blessed to have that. And also thrilled to meet many new women to hear their stories, joys, dreams and hopefully develop new friendships with them.

So thank you Ana and the team at We All Grow Summit for putting this together. You have given me more spark to soar a bit more. xoxo. Let’s see what this year brings…

(Pictured: Ana Flores, founder of #weallgrow and Latina Bloggers Connect with Eiza Gonzalez, Neutrogena’s new spokesmodel #mismomentosneutrogena)

Thank you to Neutrogena, ViveMejor, You Tube, Dove, Crest, Domain.me, Origami Owl, Boden PR, Pinesol, Tap Influence, Gaiam, Minted, Suavitel, Scholarshare, Opoli, Los Angeles Tourism Bureau and Ford for making this possible by sponsoring this amazing gathering. I can’t wait until next year!

Vive Mejor Opening Reception Party, Follow the #vivemejor hashtag


I pronounce Maria Jose Ovalle the selfie stick queen. She gave me tips!



Domain.me suite- Lots of goodies and who doesn’t love Danika Kombol?



Yoga and Meditation with Cristy Marrero thanks to Gaiam, plus I took home a Yoga Mat!


The beautiful Natalie Boden, founder of Boden PR, and expecting a baby pictures with Alexys Gabrielle (left)


My Origami Owl which I absolutely LOVE!!


Crest team with a view and I will have sparkling teeth with the goodie bag they gave us!


In the Pinesol suite. Love their #womenriseaboveit campaign empowering women.

My mom, also named Blanca is my mentor.


More pictures in the slider below! :) And even more on my Flickr profile.

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