Find Your Passion With Ana White

Find Your Passion With Ana White

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As I sat listening to Ana White, one of the speakers at Blogalicious, my heart filled with inspiration as I heard her listen to speak about doing your passion.  Everyone who blogs has to be passionate about what they do because it takes a lot of T-I-M-E to put their material up on the web besides having to deal with every day life to do’s. If you are a blogger, you certainly can relate. Right?

I myself have to work full time, clean the house, cook, and currently think about all the applications for my son go to college next year and make sure I provide a space at home for him so he can feel love and be able to focus on his studies.(Plus all life stuff!) It doesn’t seem like a lot because I only have one son. But when you have to do everything alone as a single mom, time is very limited.

So, as I sit here today on a Sunday looking at all my to do lists, I realize that this is really what I love to do: writing, communicating  and sharing words of inspiration. Luckily inspiration is timeless,  even though I interviewed Ana in October and I thankfully because of Ana’s inspiration, I am going to focus and catch up on my blogging today!

Ana’s Bio on Blogalicious brochure reads as follows:

Ana White is a stay at home mom from remote Alaska. Like all moms, Ana embraced her homemaker job by finding ways to make the most of a single income. From making cookies to making dinner, making ends meet is a challenge that all homemakers take on. But Ana took on more than that. Tired of seeing her family sleep on mattresses on the floor, she began to make beds. And tables. And desks. And chairs. In the fall of 2009, Ana White began to write a blog helping other homemakers make their own furniture. In three months, Ana’s blog had reached 1 million page-views per month. currently sees about 70,000 page-views per day and her Facebook page (Knock-Off Wood) just passed 20,000 fans. Ana White has been featured worldwide by magazines from US Woman’s Day to Singapore’s Home Design; she is popular on Apartment Therapy and has been featured by Life Hacker.

Her tip about finding your passion is to take a piece of paper and write down three big F’s:  Fabulous, Fun and Fulfilling.

  • What are you Fabulous at? What have you always been good at?
  • What do you do for Fun? What do you do early on a weekend and just go do? What do you want to do when you retire?
  • What Fulfills you? What gives you that feeling of purpose and enrichment?

Then look at all the things you wrote in those columns and see what they have in common. That’s probably what your passion is. So today is a great day to do this simple exercise and pump up your energy with your passion, because ultimately it is your endless fuel to get lost in time and not feel tired…you know kind of like the Energizer bunny.;)

Thank you Ana for inspiring ME! You can also find Ana on her Facebook Page: Knock Off Wood (over 25,000 likes) and on Twitter @_anawhite . She built everything you see including her own house. Now that’s passion!

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Ana White and Myself at Blogalicious, October 2010

  • jafu

    Gracias por la preocupación, gracias por el comentario, de vez en cuando nuestra ignorancia frente a como actua tal o cual medicamento en nuestro cuerpo nos lleva a ligeresas, que nos costarian mucho incluso la vida.

    Lo mas importante de esta situación es el entender que definitivamente mas que la falta de medicamentos lo que mas daña es continuar la vida con niveles de estres y preocupacion por el trabajo y todas las cosas externas a uno, que lo llevan a niveles de presión que llagan a explotar y crear estas crisis, que tienen un caldo de cultivo en un corazon inmenso pero debilitado.

    Gracias a el gracias a esa energia universal a ese ser supremo que nos da la posibilidad de crecer y aprender todos los días, gracias por tner la posibilidad de conpartir mi vida al lado de seres como lo eres tu especial en mi pedacito de corazon.

    Un abrazo

  • Ana White

    Thanks so much for sharing! Everyone has something special that they can make the world a better place with! Hope you find your passion!

  • Blackwhitereadallover

    Good job, both of you, in cheering others on and helping blog writers define their writing and fields of interest.

  • Territorymom

    I love this!!! Thank you so much. I love Ana White, she is an inspiration!!

    • blancastella

      Thank you all for sending me some dose of inspiration with you good thoughts:)

  • Dana

    Thanks for sharing. Great to see you using video.

    • blancastella

      Thank you Dana. Video definitely captures a lot more.

  • New Latina

    This is a beautiful and inspiring story. I'm running over to her blog — she sounds awesome. I love the idea of making your own furniture — it sounds empowering, creative and peaceful. Gracias Blanca for sharing!

    • blancastella

      Hi Angelica, thanks for stopping by..she sure is inspirational and what I love about Ana is that she not only is passionate about what she does, but she is very personable and willing to help and share.

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