Better To Be Safe ~ Getting Educated With Allstate’s Let’s Go Campaign

I wrote this post as part of my participation in a blog tour for Latina Mom Bloggers on behalf of the Allstate Foundation and received compensation to thank me for taking the time to participate. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

This week, I participated in a conference call with various bloggers nationwide with Jorge Monsivais, the national voice for Allstate Insurance for the Hispanic community. The teleconference was about “¡Vamos!” or “Let’s Go!” first-ever national survey looking into the attitudes and behaviors of Hispanic teen drivers and parents.

Jorge Monsivais- Allstate Print

I myself am a survivor of a severe car accident because of a guy that was driving my car and lost control on a highway exit. So I know the consequences of speeding while driving! You can read my story here. My son was nine years old at the time, and now at 21, I always talk to him and remind him of the importance of driving safely. He knows..he almost lost his mom to an irresponsible driver.

Artículo en Español: Educándonos Con Allstate

In fact, that same day we drove together to the gym and I told him that I was no longer going to look at my phone during red lights in the car. I took it to heart since being a role model is of supreme importance. I never text nor look at my phone while driving, but I did at stops. Not anymore. The phone goes in the back seat!

My son wearing his seatbelt:



4 Tips to Get Started on Something (Inspired By A Feather Cloud)

Today, after maybe about six months, I finally went to the beach. Living in Miami with gorgeous weather should not be something I do two times per year! It should be at least one time per week! Anyway, I’ve been looking for inspiration to write because lately my mind has been caught up in lots of techie things with my work. I love what I do, but my brain seems to be constantly wired.

As I was laying down on my beach chair I saw this cloud over the palm trees.



Artículo en Español: Consejos Para Empezar Algo Nuevo

And then10 minutes later it had transformed to this:


Luckily, I had thrown a pad of paper in my beach bag before leaving the house. While looking at the cloud, it reminded me of one of those quill pens with a feather. As I observed it, I heard this little voice in my head that said: “Start writing.” It took my another 15 minutes or so before I finally grabbed the pen and paper. (more…)

Thought of the Day: Great Spirits Against Mediocrity


Albert Einstein was not only a scientific genius, but a genius with words. My son asked me today if it is possible that more than the 1% can get it. He was referring to the small percentage of very successful people.

This quote: “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds,” evokes the feeling of having to struggle to make it. My son said something wise to me. He wanted to know if it was possible to be successful without struggle. And I said absolutely! Although we all have struggles in life, I do believe that a strong mind with a strong spirit can create anything. And I believe that to be a great spirit, we have to have a strong open heart. A focused mind without a kind heart can create as well.

But a true great spirit is one whose heart is the driving force in the creation. In that way, our little pea brains, as I like to call our own mediocre minds, the ones that doubt ourselves, can get out of the way. That’s where the magic can happen. ;)

#Ivotebecause My Voice ~ Our Voices Matter!

Picture taken by me at Savelogy's offices at a WordPress Meetup

Tonight I attended a Twitter party to get the vote out. Check out the PR Newswire link from Voto Latino to see how many people were joining!

Joining Voto Latino in the #iVoteBecause Twitter party are Project Vote, NAACP, The Advancement Project, Rock the Vote, APALA, Non-Profit Vote, Bus Federation, Ya Es Hora, Our Vote, Mi Familia Vota, Fox News Latino, NALEO, The News Taco, Latino Rebels, Planned Parenthood, Latina Style, Politics365, Serve 60, Fight for the Future and other civic engagement and community groups.

Along with the partner organizations, there will also be a coalition of celebrity activists in attendance including Rosario Dawson, America Ferrera, Wilmer Valderrama, Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas, Gina Rodriguez, Carlos Santos and Erik Rivera.

And… many regular people like me whose voices matter. My first tweet was just that:

There are so many issues affecting this country. I think about the future,when my son finishes college in three years, how the economy and how strong America is going to be, affordable health care, immigration rights for Latinos , gay rights, women’s rights, education…. and so many more other issues to think about. I have never been so reflective of an election wondering who will take the helm and hopefully lead us to a better place. I simply pray that the right man will do his best to work under extreme pressure to take us there.

Here are some tweets out of the thousands that I favorited from the stream tonight that reflect the voice of the community and which trended worldwide on Twitter! See link to Natascha Otero-Santiago’s tweet, my awesome Co-Director at Latism South Florida. Sorry there are so many…but they are only a few of the thousands. Every voice does matter!

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