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Each of us has a story to tell – nuestra historia – and many of the successes I’ve experienced began with my grandfather’s support. My abuelo believed anyone could achieve success if they had desire and opportunity. I came to this country from Puerto Rico with very limited English, but a desire to be a leader in the Latino community as well as the United States.

To achieve this, I sought opportunities through education and personal and professional growth. I joined the U.S. Army Reserve after high school and never let language barriers hold me back. I now use my successes to inspire others to become leaders and achieve greatness for themselves, their community, and their country – we are all global leaders.

Articulo en Espanol: Inspirando A Los Demás

I believe that leadership is important because leaders have the ability to positively influence, mentor, coach and help transform those around them. I felt a calling to be a role model to other women; and I want to see more Latina women grow to be frontrunners in their lives. Latinas can become leaders in their community, their workplace, and/or in their families when they share joyful wisdom with their loved ones. (more…)

A Humble Leader With a Powerful Voice And Heart ~ Elianne Ramos


Thrilled is not an enough word to be able to have sat down with a good friend, Elianne, and have her wise words on my blog. I met Elianne through Latism five years ago and am blessed to call her a friend. She is a woman who does things in a powerful way without pushing. I am witness to her generosity of heart in always wanting to help others.

Articulo en Inglés: Un Líder Humilde Con Una Voz Poderosa

She is relentless in her pursuit of anything that advances the Hispanic community. I could go on and on about what she has done Many of you know who she is, also known on Twitter as @ergeekgoddess and considered one of the most influential Latinas in Social Media. Last year I nominated her to win an award for Yahoo Shines. (more…)

Maria Celeste Shares How Leadership Is Standing Against All Odds

In this interview with Maria Celeste, I ask her what her definition of leadership is. Maria Celeste is a well known host of Telemundo’s, Al Rojo Vivo.

Two key points she said about leadership are:

  • Standing against all odds for what you believe.
  • Acting in a certain way that you believe even when no one around is looking.

Articulo y video en Español: Liderazgo: Se Hace, No Se Nace

Maria_Celeste_leadership (more…)

Elianne Ramos ~ A Bright Star Serving As An Agent For Change

Elianne Ramos at The White House

Link to Vote for Elianne For #WomenWhoShine here: Vote For Elianne

We are living in a world of incredible change, and there are people who are thrust upon the center stage to be change agents. I do believe that people who have the best intentions for a greater good do not have the purpose of being “on stage”. They just happen to be there because of a mission they have to serve in some way.

Latina Bloggers At The White House : #TopBlogueras
Elianne with Ana Roca Castro, Founder of Latism

Elianne Ramos is one of these change agents. I met Elianne online through the #Latism Twitter parties in October, 2009, three short years ago, critical years that have been integral to many changes in my life. Besides the amazing local social media community in South Florida, the #Latism Twitter parties made an impact on me because I experienced first hand and organically, the power of an online community, developing those relationships offline and continuing to nurture them online. Besides her service for Latism, Elianne has been a professional Public Relations and Marketing Strategist for the Hispanic market for many years, plus a mom and wife to a supportive husband and a true friend to many.

Latina Bloggers At The White House : #TopBlogueras
Elianne Hugging Jennifer Hutchinson at Top Blogueras

Elianne endured long hours each and every week for the past four and a half years without fail to support others, listen to them and share their stories so their voices could make a difference. Who cannot forget her directing the #Latism Twitter party in the lobby of the hotel at Blogher in New York a few years ago? I couldn’t believe the dedication!

I was one of those voices and because of Elianne’s leadership, I have been motivated to make a difference and I know many others feel the same way. It takes someone with not only a motivation to serve, but one who has that persistence and unwavering dedication to show up week after week all through volunteer time and without asking anything in return. That is a real public servant! Don’t you think?

I am blessed to consider Elianne a true friend and look forward to many other conversations that may include “What else can we do to create change in this world?”

For this reason, I nominate Elianne in the Yahoo Shine contest in the category of Public Servant because her light shines super bright. Yahoo Shines is a program that will give a grand prize of $10,000 to the most votes by the community for women who are blazing new trails, changing lives, and doing extraordinary things. So please, pretty please with a virtual hug sent your way….vote for Elianne!

Here is the link again: Vote For Elianne on Yahoo Shines and please share on Twitter with the Hashtag #WomenWhoShine and @yahooshine . Elianne’s Twitter is @ergeekgoddess


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