Soaring like the bird

I was watching the sunset over Biscayne Bay from a high rise condo and saw a bird dash horizontally from the left to the right and I imagined myself flying on his back wishing I had those wings too. As the bird moved away from my view, I focused on the sun bursting its rays on the horizon and at that moment, I felt as if I had flown like the bird.

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The Sun’s Rays are like a Butterfly’s Wings


The Sunrise as it wakes up to another glorious day


Celebrating my birthday weekend. It’s Tomor row but why not celebrate for 2 days ☺

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I went to watch the sunrise and sunset on my birthday last month. Watching sunrises are like moments of celebration. You bask in the beauty of greeting the day. The sun does this every day consistently just like we do upon waking up and opening our eyes. It doesn’t do this out of habit just to do something insignificant. The sun does it by peaking out of the horizon and provides an important element necessary for our lives- sunlight. We also have our own inner sunlight- our spirits or souls, which impulse us to create and do things that move us for different purposes like work, hobbies or simply for inspiration.

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My Distractions To Avoid Being Vulnerable


I took the most delicious nap earlier this evening around 6PM for about an hour. It was more like a waking relaxing meditation. For the past 25 years, I have been meditating consistently at least 1 time per week. It is usually easy for me to get in that groove after being in an active left brain tech mode throughout the day and more so if I meditate several times a week.

My work involves Digital Marketing covering not only Social Media, but also SEO, website technical work and content marketing. That means I am on the computer all day! I also have a confession to make. I am a bit of an infomaniac. I am a voracious reader online about everything digital. I subscribe to many of my favorite websites and am always clicking on those links that come in my email inbox which then floods my computer with a ton of open tabs to read throughout the day.

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It gets so crazy, that I use several apps to save links like Pocket, or sharing via Buffer. I sometimes add it on Todoist app in a folder called “to read.” I won’t even mention my Google Drive folders with lots of goodies I have researched on all kinds of geeky topics. I won’t say it’s an obsession, because I have heard that being curious and learning is a sign of intelligence. So I won’t bash myself that it is a bad thing…yet ;) (more…)

Heart to Heart at We All Grow Summit


Today is Sunday morning 7:53 AM, March 1st, which happens to be my son’s birthday. 22 years ago, I had the most blessed moment in my life, giving birth to a son that has given me joy, laughter, love and the experience of being a loving mother. My life as a mother is fulfilled because, knock on wood, we have a very harmonious relationship.

I am sitting in the bathroom of the Line Hotel in Los Angeles so I don’t wake up my roommate and want to capture the feeling now before I get busy next week. I am headed home today after a three day We All Grow Summit by Latina Bloggers Connect. This conference has given me those same feelings I have as a mom- joy, laughter, love and the experience of being in a loving community of powerful women with true heart to heart moments. My professional life in the digital media space is fulfilled because I am luckily connected with this group that has real soul that gives me inspiration to wake up every day and do my work.

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Priceless moments like this, Claudya Martinez & Jeannette Kaplun hugging after the storytelling session is what it is all about!


Life has purpose when you have experiences that stir your heart. At the end of the day, when we leave this world, that is what we will hold close to us – those meaningful experiences. For those of you that have know me personally, I started this blog in 2009 and with luck, I connected with a group of Latina women online that were starting out just like me in digital media. It was a new exciting frontier. (more…)

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