Basking in the elemental energies

Basking in the elemental energies

I am sitting at a park with my chihuahuas, Maya and Zorro. There’s a little lake with a fountain in the middle which provides a soothing sound of the water. There are two butterflies roaming around and I wait to grab a picture when it settles on one of the plants. But they move too fast. It is so opposite of when they are in the cocoon stage. Back in 2007, in my former home, I spent many hours observing these magnificent creatures in a butterfly garden I created from scratch. A bird comes to the water edge to grab its food. A dragonfly perches itself on a long thin leaf at the edge of the lake and a little duck glides effortlessly in the water.

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In the distance, I see the butterfly flitter about and when it comes near, I try to get a video knowing a picture is more difficult, but alas it swept by the camera lens in a split second and I missed it. So, instead, I opt to sit and enjoy watching it doing its dance from the distance. The nature elements are a welcome relief from big changes in the past week.

I put everything in storage and moved in temporarily to my parents condo. I needed a temporary place to go since this was a sudden move due to my landlord selling the townhouse I was living in. And at the same time, I have plans to go to Austin since my IBM job relocated me. On top of this, my son went off to his own place. Its his time to spread his wings. He is a recent college graduate and ready to take on the world on his own.

There is so much swirling in my head, but being in nature gives me the serenity to be able to immerse myself in any upcoming change with grace, courage and peace. Change brings uncertainty, but by taking a positive perspective combined with surrounding myself with these moments of nature’s beauty, I can move through all this with less anxiety. The move to Texas for work sounds exciting. Austin is a great city, but familiy is huge for me and my home has always been Miami. So we shall see how it all unfolds.