Blanca’s Story

My areas of expertise in my 25 year career included Commercial Real Estate Sales and Luxury Home Sales as a real estate broker in Miami. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Finance & International Business.

Prior to the downturn in the housing market in 2007, I specialized in multi-family apartments. I was a minority partner with foreign investors on some of these apartment buildings that I sold. I handled all aspects of the investments from purchase, management, renovation and sale. I successfully converted one of them to condominiums.

Because I have been a resident of Miami all my life, I also have a large network of clients, friends and family where I have sold everything from warehouses, small office buildings and homes. I was always extremely busy and focused on my work and on caring for my young son as a single mom since 1995.

On December 15th, 2002, I had a wake up call by way of a severe car accident which nearly killed me. This turned my life upside down to say the least. Because I was such a good left brainer, I put my attention that year on my health and physical therapy. It was easy for me since I was a runner for over 20 years, disciplined at the gym and always ate healthy.

So getting back on my feet happened quickly considering the injuries I sustained. My whole hip was fractured, my acetabelum was crushed, my ankle was broken in five pieces and my right wrist fractured as well. Not a pretty picture! (Some day, I will do a post with some pictures of my x-rays…lots of pins and plates put me together.)

Since I literally had to stop doing, doing, doing because I was unable to walk for almost a year, I spent a lot of time in contemplation. It is a very hard thing to explain, but I know that something “happened” to me. I guess you could say it was a near death experience, except for the fact that I didn’t see a tunnel or light at the point of impact.(I actually have no recollection of that moment).

But I knew deep in my heart, in my shattered state, in the hospital that it was for a big reason. So instead of freaking out, I surrendered and accepted my situation right then and there.

I started sales again in 2004, but I had lost a lot of momentum. It was in 2003 when the steepest increases of condo sales were occuring. And for me, the steepest decline in sales, basically zero. I thought I was missing the boat to the frenzy that was buzzing all over the city. But the numbers didn’t make sense to me. Instead, I started to take foreclosure classes.

I had studied before how big institutional investors bought low and sold high…or right before peak, just like the stock market. There were predictions of the foreclosure market and here the herd kept buying on the dream of making a good flip. The market dried up for apartment buildings, so I was focused on general sales and anticipating what happened in 2008. But I didn’t anticipate most of my real estate deals falling apart!

At the same time, something else was brewing deep within me as a struggled to regain my “old life”. I spent many hours in quiet meditation attempting to grasp this whole wake up call. I guess because I was such a left brained person, I wanted answers and understanding. I was like this before my accident, but suddenly it was more acute. I discovered my creative right brain and started dreaming of living in a different way and doing something new.

Because I have lived so many life challenges, including divorce, my intention with this site is motivate & inspire by taking action from the heart, and to look at all the blessings that exist in the middle of chaos and keep on moving on! My strength now comes from my heart and the dreams that I hold in this now strengthened heart. I don’t let logic control me 100%. I try to keep it 50:50 ;-) …or as Buddha would say…in balance. I already know that sometimes illogical things happen out of the blue when you least expect it.

Those magical things only happen when your heart is open to them. I hope to help others to open their hearts as I have to many possibilities. I have struggled financially, but the value is not in the currency. It is inside….and no matter how much we are stripped to the bone….no one can take this kind of value away. It is priceless. I hope you enjoy some of the posts and welcome you to share your thoughts or write a guest post!

My son is now 18, makes me laugh every day and consider myself so lucky and complete as a mother to have him in my life.

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  1. Blanca – your personal story is truly inspiring and needs to be shared with more people, keep on keeping on, because the world is a better place when we have people like you in it…Saludos…Juan

    BTW: Congrats on your 2011 award – well done!

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