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Blanca has been blogging for five years and is also the founder of an award winning bilingual blog, (My Walk), where she shares doses of inspiration, leadership and motivation. She gets geek and blogs about Social Media at and  also the founder of a Web Development agency VizRED.

She works full time as a Social Media Consultant and is currently one of the Community Managers for Microsoft Research’s creative social network project by FUSE Labs, Socl. . She was named by Latina Magazine as one of the top 25 Latinas Who Shine In Technology.  Her motto is “Make Authentic Connections Through Social Media Platforms”, and her passion has been doing just that.

She is very involved in the local grassroots Social Media community and was one of the first speakers at  Ignite Miami . Currently, she is on the board of Social Media Club South Florida and a Co-Director of Latism South Florida which is a chapter of the largest non-profit Hispanic online voice.  Blanca is also invited to speak about Social Media, Blogging, Reputation Management, WordPress, and Local Search. She is a native Miami resident.

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For links of my speaking in social media and technology please see my Social Media and Digital Website.

This is a video of a talk I did at Ignite Miami where I spoke about  reinvention and transformation:


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