A Humble Leader With a Powerful Voice And Heart ~ Elianne Ramos

A Humble Leader With a Powerful Voice And Heart ~ Elianne Ramos

Thrilled is not an enough word to be able to have sat down with a good friend, Elianne, and have her wise words on my blog. I met Elianne through Latism five years ago and am blessed to call her a friend. She is a woman who does things in a powerful way without pushing. I am witness to her generosity of heart in always wanting to help others.

Articulo en Inglés: Un Líder Humilde Con Una Voz Poderosa

She is relentless in her pursuit of anything that advances the Hispanic community. I could go on and on about what she has done Many of you know who she is, also known on Twitter as @ergeekgoddess and considered one of the most influential Latinas in Social Media. Last year I nominated her to win an award for Yahoo Shines.

She has had many honors and awards. Anyway, she is not the kind of person who wants awards to validate herself. She just is….the goddess ;)

Besides asking her what is her definition of leadership and how she has been able to communicate with top officials in the White House, she shares the story of how she got the name @ergeekgoddess which was a fun tidbit I didn’t even know.

Thank you Elianne for being on Mi Caminar…my path. May you continue shining your light to all you inspire!

You can read more about Elianne on her website.