A Dynamic Latina Leader Inspires To Succeed – Irene Zoppi-Rodriguez

A Dynamic Latina Leader Inspires To Succeed – Irene Zoppi-Rodriguez

Each of us has a story to tell – nuestra historia – and many of the successes I’ve experienced began with my grandfather’s support. My abuelo believed anyone could achieve success if they had desire and opportunity. I came to this country from Puerto Rico with very limited English, but a desire to be a leader in the Latino community as well as the United States.

To achieve this, I sought opportunities through education and personal and professional growth. I joined the U.S. Army Reserve after high school and never let language barriers hold me back. I now use my successes to inspire others to become leaders and achieve greatness for themselves, their community, and their country – we are all global leaders.

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I believe that leadership is important because leaders have the ability to positively influence, mentor, coach and help transform those around them. I felt a calling to be a role model to other women; and I want to see more Latina women grow to be frontrunners in their lives. Latinas can become leaders in their community, their workplace, and/or in their families when they share joyful wisdom with their loved ones.

As Latinas, we take risks, follow our hearts, and work hard with gusto. We can achieve anything we set our minds to as long as we are open to opportunities. And if the opportunities do not come to us, we find them or make them happen.

Latinas can be impactful leaders in their workplace by pulling from the strong work ethic and passion we have in our culture – as a genuine sense of nurturing our work familias. Latinas can also be leaders in their community by empowering their neighbors or extended familia with a warm heart and motivation to make a difference.

I came to America with very little, but I now speak five languages, hold a Ph.D. and three masters’ degree; and am one of only 15 Latinas in the selective U.S. Army Reserve (TPU) who are Colonels. Identify the kind of leaders who inspire you and use your culture, experiences, and heart – nuestro corazón Latino – to become that for others.

Tú puedes lograrlo! I did – so can you – hazlo!