Soaring like the bird

I was watching the sunset over Biscayne Bay from a high rise condo and saw a bird dash horizontally from the left to the right and I imagined myself flying on his back wishing I had those wings too. As the bird moved away from my view, I focused on the sun bursting its rays on the horizon and at that moment, I felt as if I had flown like the bird.

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Taking a big step forward

Today, I am taking a big step. I am resigning from my job at IBM. I have been torn since January because family is very important to me. So while I said yes to going to Austin, a series of events this past week with my parents led me to make the definitive decision to not leave Miami.

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Today I take a new step forward.

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My mother was very sad when I told her that I was moving to Austin. But she also knew that whatever opportunity in my career was more important, I should take it. So I planned on going with some hesitation since I would be going completely alone. But since I like to look at the bright side of everything, I started planning with an optimistic approach. (more…)

Getting out of the way with patience

I’m challenging myself by waking up earlier to go watch the sunrise. I just moved temporarily to a place on the beach.

If it wasn’t for the beach, I probably wouldn’t have started this blog or my whole new career for that matter, since it was because of blogging in 2008 that my whole digital marketing and social media career evolved. My beach was my haven during difficult times when I was a realtor and all my deals fell apart.

Luckily, I already had started a blog before the financial crisis so this platform prevented me from depression. I gave myself that gift to go to the beach instead of brooding inside the house wondering what I was going to do. So I looked for work during the day with stress, and at night, I blogged to relieve the stress. That way, every morning I had anticipation to do something positive.

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This is my second day waking up at 6AM to see the glorious sunrise. Yesterday, it was clear and bright with no clouds to inhibit its beautiful display. (more…)

Basking in the elemental energies

I am sitting at a park with my chihuahuas, Maya and Zorro. There’s a little lake with a fountain in the middle which provides a soothing sound of the water. There are two butterflies roaming around and I wait to grab a picture when it settles on one of the plants. But they move too fast. It is so opposite of when they are in the cocoon stage. Back in 2007, in my former home, I spent many hours observing these magnificent creatures in a butterfly garden I created from scratch. A bird comes to the water edge to grab its food. A dragonfly perches itself on a long thin leaf at the edge of the lake and a little duck glides effortlessly in the water.

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